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We're getting the band back together! Read about what we're doing.

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We're Back to Work!

Dusty Tome was moving along, feeling fine, and then, as they say, the Fire Nation attacked. We went from running our yearly Halloween murder mystery, regular convention appearances, and laying the groundwork for an exciting new PC game to quarantining, social distancing, and wondering if we'd ever meet at our favorite board game shops again. Global pandemic is hard on all of us.

But! After many upsets and delays, the Dusty Tome team is back together and working on new projects. We're a bit scattered geographically for the time being but hope to have some of our members back at in-person events in the coming months, but looming larger on the horizon are the exciting new games we have in the works!

Please pardon our mess while we restart and update everything. We'll have more details for you all soon.

-The Dusty Tome Crew